Iran Cultural Information Center at Stanford University
This is a seminal source for Iranian Culture on the Internet in the West. Extensive use is made of graphics and you may want to turn these off if you have a slow link. Features include an Imagemap enabling you to tour the country and see pictures of various locations.
Checked 17 November 1998

Iranian Embassy (London)
The Iranian Embassy in London has a helpful website which includes forms for applying for visas, as well as other useful links.
Checked January 31, 1999

You can get a map of Iran from the following sites. 299Kb
Checked 17 November 1998

Iran Travel
This is a home page by an American Company specialising in travel to Iran.
Checked 17 November 1998

Link to Persia
Based in London U.K, Offers guaranteed Tourist Visas, Transit Visas and Business Visas for IRAN. They also offer Fixed and Tailor-made tours for IRAN and can arrange Air Tickets and Hotel Reservation. They have a wide range of different Air Lines with consolidated rates for IRAN and offer a choice of three to five star hotels with the consolidated rates.
Suite 20 KES House, 7-11 Kensington High Street, London W8 5NPP
Tel : 0171-937 2288 Fax : 0171-937 6868
e-mail : Checked 12 February 1999
Checked 17 November 1998

SOON Iran Page
Learning Farsi or English? Want to read Farsi on the web? Visit Iran? Or just find out more? Here are links to Iranian pages that we hope will help you. (SOON is a member of the UK Evangelical Alliance and is a registered non-profit charity in the UK.)
Checked 17 November 1998

Tourism in Iran
Iran is keen to encourage tourism. In 1994, 510,000 tourists visited the country, 380,000 of whom came from other Islamic states. There is a considerable amount of information on tourism at the Iran Business Resources page maintained by Neda Rayaneh. This includes details of hotels in Iran as well as the addresses of the sales offices of Homa, the National airline.
Checked 17 November 1998

Travel to Iran
Information for Real and Virtual travellers to Iran
Checked 17 November 1998

Travellers' Reports: Iran
This is a collection of recent anecdotes about travel in Iran by people who've been there and assembled by the Lonely Planet people. It makes sense to read this first if you are going on your own, rather than with an organised tour.
A complete fact sheet is also available at:
Checked 17 November 1998