Cinema (Farsi)
Cinema is a Persian magazine about Iranian film and cinema. You will need the Persian font sepehr.ttf to read it and can download it from this site. Checked 16 February 1999.

HAMSHAHRI - Persian Language Newspaper
Hamshahri (literally - Townsfellow), is a Tehran newspaper with a circulation of 300,000. This site has an up-to-date version of the paper. The site uses persian.ttf as its font which you can download from the site if you don't already have it.
Checked 16 February 1999.

Iranshahr - Persian News Service
Iranshahr provides a series of news-clippings in Persian only. These are extratced from a number of Persian language newspapers and grouped together under convenient headings. There is no need for any special browser as the persian text is presented as images.
Checked 16 February 1999.

Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting Website
This is the official website of the Iranian broadcasting agency. Well designed, although some of the more complex graphics are slow to load. Contents are available in both English and Farsi. The live Radio channels work well, the video channels were not working properly when last tested. You will need Real Player to hear and presumably view this site. This is a site to watch!
Checked February 16, 1999.

News - IRNA - Salaam Iran
IRNA is the Islamic Republic's official news agency. This site offers a comprehensive overview of Iran. It contains comprehensive links to both Persian and English language news media.
Checked Tuesday, April 16, 1996 at 03:52 PM.

Soor Esrafil Home Page
The Sooresrafil Newspaper was among the very many newspapers founded in the period of the constitutional revolution. Its founders were Mirza Ghasem Tabrizi and Mirza Jahangir Khane Shirazi. Mirza Akbar Khane Ghazvini (Dehkhoda) was among its contributors. The newspaper operated until the bombardment of the Majlis. In addition to pointers to other Iranian material this site offers some pages from the satirical magazine Gol Agha Australia UK mirror site Checked Monday, April 15, 1996 at 04:04 PM.

Sportestan - Iranian Sports News
This ambitious and attractive site aims to provide information on current sporting activities in Iran. You'll find details of the top football teams as well as information about wrestling and a range of other sports. They also offer streaming audio and quizes.
Checked February 16, 1999.

The Iranian
Jahanshah Javid's excellent on-line magazine offers a wide range of articles, mostly in English, about matters of interest to Iranians and their friends. Here you can find views and news about Iraniana activities across the planet. Each month features a major interview and a carefully objective political balance is maintained. This is essential background reading for any non-Iranian planning to visit Iran or embarking on a relationship with an Iranian as well as being a monthly "must" for Iranians
Checked 06-March-96 09:20:10

The Tehran Times - English Language Newspaper
The Tehran Times is a daily newspaper published, as its name suggests in Tehran, which puts forward the views of the present Government. This site links you directly to the current edition.
Checked 16 February 1999.

Weather in Isfahan
The Washington post provides a five day weather forecast for Isfahan together with satellite [pictures.
Checked 16 February 1999.

ZAN: Iranian Women's Site
ZAN in Farsi means "Woman". Webmistress, Roya, writes: "I hope ZAN can be a stepping stone towards building a global community free of all prejudices and negative stereotypes, and include women and men from all over the world, but for now (back to reality) it must have a specific identity. For Iranian women inside Iran, and Iranian immigrant women living all over the world to interact with one another without any obstacles is truly a privilege. One, which we have never enjoyed before. Publishing has always been a man's domain throughout history. Women had to use a man's name in order to publish their writings, not too long ago. So, for Iranian women to be able to publish their works internationally, is a right that we must take advantage of. I am forever greatful for the interactivity, creativity,and networking possibilities of the Internet."
Checked 16 February 1999.