Asia Publishing
This Company opened their first store about 60 years ago in Tehran, since then they claim to have published some 500 books. Today they have 6 branches and over 15 representatives covering Iran and the recent opening of a branch in Dallas, Texas USA enabled them to go international. The books in their catalogue are all written in Farsi, and have been hand picked by their other stores in Tehran. They say their goal is to be able to bring you only the best available books in Iran.
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Iran Books Publishers and Booksellers
Iranbooks has been publishing and selling Persian books and English books about Iran since 1979. In addition to the books listed here, they claim to have a large number of used and rare books. They say that they will try to find any book not listed in their online catalog.
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The Jahan Book Company was established in 1980 as a publisher and supplier of Persian and English books about Iran and the Middle East. In addition, they claim to have a growing collection of books in Azeri, Turkish and Kurdish, as well as books about the Newly Independent States of Central Asia. They claim currently to have over 12,000 titles and serve clients in both the domestic and international markets. They say they have published over 30 books and that their latest title is Death of the Usurer (Marg-i Sudkhor) by Sadreddin Aini, edited by Hasan Javadi..
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MAGE Publishers
Mage Publishers is a small press founded in 1985 by an Iranian couple in Washington, DC. Initially they published works both for those in the West interested in an authentic view of Persian literature, art, music, food and poetry, and for those whose cultural heritage was Persian, but whose intellectual language had become English. Ten years and more than 30 books later, Mage continues to publish those aspects of Persian literature, art, culture and history that interest a global community.
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MAZDA Publishers
Mazda Publishers was established in 1980 by a college professor, Mr. Ahmad Jabbari. Since then, this company has consistently excelled in the area of scholarly publishing. They have traditionally produced quality texts, reference materials, art, literary works and general interest books for both researchers and the public at large. Titles touch on a wide variety of topics such as politics, religion, history, language and culture. Mazda has also distinguished itself by being chosen as the publisher of the monumental collection, The Encyclopaedia Iranica, and exclusive distributor of Arthur Upham Pope's magnum opus, A Survey of Persian Art.
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Persian Literature
This is a collection of world famous Persian literature translated to English. The author hopes you will enjoy your visit and let him know if you like it. These pages have enhanced features for Netscape users. They may not be properly displayed using other browsers. The translated works include the Gulistan by Saadi, the Shahnameh by Firdusi, and the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam.
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Virginia Tech's Gopher service holds an abridged English translation of Firdusi's great epic about the legendary kings of Iran translated by Helen Zimmern. The text file is over 400K.
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