Business Information
Neda Rayaneh have assembled a lot of useful commercial information on this site. As the principal providers of commercial internet services within Iran at the moment they are well placed to maintain the quality of this information. Two sites are maintained. Iran Business Digest focuses on business and commercial news in Iran, while Iran Business Resources contains a great deal of background information. Iran Business Digest Exchange Rates Iran Business Resources
Checked 17 November 1998

Guide to Iran
This page contains a comprehensive set of links to background material on Iran which is of use to the visitor.
Checked 17 November 1998

Iran Cultural Information Center at Stanford University
This is a seminal source for Iranian Culture on the Internet in the West. Extensive use is made of graphics and you may want to turn these off if you have a slow link. Features include an Imagemap enabling you to tour the country and see pictures of various locations, more recipes, Details of forthcoming conferences, Word-Processors and Calendars amongst other things. - Main Page
Checked 17 November 1998

Iranian History
This site provides a timetable of rulers and dynasties that ruled over Iran. The author has tried to name all rulers of Iran from the period of the Medes to the present (1989). The dates mentioned are the period that the person in question ruled over (some part of ) Iran. Therefore you will also find different persons during the same time period. They probably ruled over different parts or were rival pretenders to the throne..
Checked 17 November 1998

IRANET - Iran's WWW Service
This is Iran's official Academic network run from the Institute for Studies in Theoretical Maths and Physics in Tehran. It contains links to Iranian Universities.

IRIR - Iranian Broadcasting Service
This is Iran's official Broadcasting Service. In addition to news and timetables there are a lot of articles on Iran.
Checked 17 November 1998

Irantelaat (literally "information about Iran).is a collection of pointers to Iranian items on the Web. It contains a Calendar of Events, information about Iranian Business Opportunities, a Bazaar and News. The pages are mounted by Pezhvak corporation who claim to be "The leading provider of Information and business advertising for the Farsi speaking communities.".
Checked 17 November 1998


An extraordinarily comprehensive list of links to all manner of things Iranian. If you're viewing this page from America, you might just as well go to this link straight away. I can't imaging that there's anything on my page that isn't on this encyclopaediac collection!
Checked 17 November 1998

Salam Iran

SalamIran is the official page of the Iranian Embassy in Ottawa. It contains a wealth of background information on all aspects of the country.
Checked 17 November 1998

Persian Calendar

Iran uses a calendar based on the solar year which was updated by Omar Khayam in the 12th century. There is a useful discussion of this by Dr. Hossein Bagherzadeh Rafsanjani which forms a prelude to the distribution for the source code for a converter, written by Ali Moayedian. The URL below points to two implementations which run on DOS based machines.
Checked 17 November 1998

University Links

Iran's internet links have recently improved to the point at which they are usable. The following Universities have web pages Checked 17 November 1998