Iranian American Association (USA)
This is the HomePage of the Iranian American Community in the United States. It claims to present issues which interest or affect all Americans in general and the Iranian American Community in particular. At the date below the articles tended to concentrate on social injustice in both Iran and the USA.
Checked 13 November 1996 13:55:17.

Iranian Alumni Association (USA)
This site is not as restrictive as it's name suggests but is intended as a forum for web-based discussion of matters relating to Iran. Its introduction clearly states that neither nationality nor location should be seen as an impediment to participation.
"The sources of these works are not restricted to that of the members of this club, nor are they limited to Iranian nationals. Any eligible report of a research or other related documents are welcome to be included in this site so that it can be exposed globally and accessible to the interested parties throughout the world in an optimum way."
Apart from a list of members, however, there is little else of interest at present.
Checked 06-March-96 10:18:09.

Iranian on-line Personal directory
This page appears to list a large number of Iranians by name with links to their home pages.
Checked 17 November 1998

Iranian Scholars Info Net
In an effort to facilitate communication and foster further educational, scientific and cultural cooperation between Iranian educators, researchers, scholars and students living abroad and their colleagues in Iranian universities and research centers, the Ministry of Culture and Higher Education has established the "Office of National and Expatriate Iranian Scholars Scientific Information Network (ONEIS-INF)". It aims to facilitate expatriate Iranians visiting Iran, e.g. by temporary exemption from Military Service, to deliver papers or have a sabbatical. The site includes mail links to the Ministry of Culture and Higher Education in Iran as well as to the Institute of Physics at Sharifi University there.
Checked Wednesday, April 24, 1996 at 09:39 AM.

Iranian Society at the University of Sheffield (UK)
Student Information Service for UK Iranian Students, including details of Saturday Schools for Persian children and some useful addresses and telephone numbers, e.g. the London Embassy, Consulate, Bank Melli, and Iran Air.
Checked 05-March-96 03:55:19.

Iranian Students' Association of Concordia (Canada)
Student Information Service for Iranian Students at Concordia. This includes details of their forthcoming events and cultural activities.
Checked Wednesday, June 5, 1996 at 01:38 PM.

Iran Payk is the home page of the Iranian Students studying in the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, England.
Checked 05-March-96 05:08:14.

MEHR Home Page (USA)
This is the home page the University of Hambrug's Iranian Student association. They claim to have four main interests, Science, Culture, Freedom and Organisation. The majority of pages are in German.
Checked 13 November 1996 14:02:28.

PARS Home Page (USA)
This is the home page of University of Virginia's Persian Society. It contains the usual pointers to other Iranian sites as well as pointers to other pages by Iranians around the world.
Checked 12-March-96 11:22:11.

Persian Student Association
The Persian Student Association is a non-political volunteer student organization whose objective is to sponsor Persian social and cultural activities and events, to promote an understanding of Persian culture, to help foster friendship among different cultural group, and to provide a source of union and support for the Persian community at Stanford.
Checked 06-March-96 01:32:00.

Soroush - Iranian On-Line Internet Association
Soroush is a private, commercial online service for Iranians living abroad. The main attraction in Soroush is the ability to interact in real time with other Iranians from all over the world. These activities include live chats, discussion groups (she'r, music, history, etc.), chess & backgammon, opinion polls, etc.
When last checked the annual subscription was $7.50 a month or $30.00 for six months. There is a two weeks free trial period.
Checked Thursday, May 2, 1996 at 02:52 PM.

Zoroastrian Home Page
Information on the Zoroastrian Student Group.