Art Arena - Persian Art, Culture and History
In addition to a Gallery providing a comprehensive and varied collection of original Landscapes, Portraits, and Miniatures, by the award winning artist Katy Kianush, Art Arena brings together two of Iran's well known and established literary figures, Mahmud Kianush and Pari Mansouri, to give an insight into modern Persian poetry and prose.
You will be able to enjoy several FREE poems, short stories, and extracts from Mahmud and Pari's books, by visiting Writer's Corner. Most of the books are available for sale in the on-line Persian Bookstore. The World Poems section of Writer's Corner includes poems by some talented poets from around the world.
Art Arena also opens a window onto Persian history, art, and culture through its Iransaga section.
Checked 07 January 2000

Articles on Iranian Art
Netiran have assembled a series of articles on a number of subjects including Art. There were 122 articles on art listed here when last checked.
Checked 07 January 2000

Dreams of Reality in Persian Art
Born in 1955 in Hamedan, Iran "Capital of ancient Persia", Mohammad Hourian first apprenticed at age 12 to Haj Hosen-I-Eslamiyan, the greatest Persian miniaturist of this century in Iran. At the age of 19, Hourian won public recognition in his first one man show of paintings at the Gallery of the University of Tehran. The following year Hourian became the youngest Iranian artist to be elected to the National Academy of Fine Art.
This site shows some samples of his work.
Checked 17 November 1998

Esfahani Oriental Rugs
For almost a decade, Esfahani Inc. has been importing the finest selection of quality rugs from around the world.
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Iranian Food - Recipes
This is part of the main source for Iranian Cultural material in the West and Stanford University. The recipes have been contributed by Iranians.
Checked 17 November 1998

Kereshmeh Records
Kereshmeh Records specialise in the music of Iran, both Classical, Folk and modern music. Their site contains details of new releases, a CD catalog and a list of audio and video cassettes which they distribute directly
Checked 17 November 1998

Persian Music
This is the best place to start learning about the classical music of Iran. A number of other useful links are also given below.
This site contains a more technical article and a comprehensive list of CDs
Mohammad Reza Gharib has assembled an authoritative collection of articles and examples of Persian music here.
Ali Zomorod's site contains a few sound clips and pictures of the principal instruments.
Checked 17 November 1998

Persian Rug Centre
The Persian Rug Center offers decades of experience in all aspects of Oriental Rugs. They claim to be experts in cleaning and restoration and since 1924, direct importers of genuine hand-knotted Oriental Rugs from throughout the world. They are certified appraisers  of all types of handmade rugs.
Checked 17 November 1998

Roxana & Farzin Mokhtarian's Recipes
This is an authoritative and comprehensive collection of traditional recipes.
Checked 17 November 1998

Shil & Taghi Ilati's Home page - Persian Miniatures
This page introduces Iranian culture and art as well as architecture and graphic art. It will elaborate on the history of Persian Miniature Painting - from its beginning to the present, and provide interesting links to Computer Aided Design and Drafting, 2D, 3D, Animation and Graphic design. Shila and Taghi also present some of their work on these pages.
Checked 17 November 1998

Soor Esrafil Home Page
In addition to pointers to other Iranian material there is an article on carpets which has been translated by Dr. Omid Souresrafil from the persian book The Book of Persian Carpet, A Survey of Finishing Carpet -Designing , Dying and Darning( extracts) by Shirin Souresrafil. - Australia - UK mirror
Checked 17 November 1998