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Isfahan (pron. esfahaan) has been designated by UNESCO as a world heritage. It contains a wide range of Islamic Architectural styles ranging from the 11th century (C.E.) to the 19th. This archive contains photographs and descriptions of some of the most interesting and unusual ones. The photographs have been for the most part taken by the author and his wife between 1992 and 1999 and may be freely used for non-commercial purposes, provided an acknowledgement of the source is given.

You may prefer to start exploring the city straightaway. You can do this by clicking on the picture above, which will take you to the main square. You may also find it helps to have a map of the city centre as well, if you don't already have one. You can get one from the tourist shop provided at this archive.

The initial images have been compressed and are presented as backgrounds but full size images may generally be obtained by selecting the download Icon if present.

Those unfamiliar with the fundamental concepts of Islamic and Iranian architecture may find it helpful to study the section on fundamental concepts at some point, although many otherwise unfamiliar items are also covered by inline glossary entries.

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Thanks to the Iranian Electronic Musicians Network for allowing me to use their recording of "The song of Isfahan".


Updated: 27 January 2007